AFA MemTrax Questionnaire             V20181023
 Section 1: General Demographics

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Please complete all items.

Sex (Fill in one answer):    Male       Female

Race (Fill in all that apply):
American Indian or Alaskan Native                Asian       Black or African American
Native Hawaiian or other Pacific Islander       White       Unknown

Ethnicity (Fill in one answer):      Non Hispanic or Non Latino       Hispanic or Latino       Unknown

Education (Please fill in the highest year of school you completed. Fill in one answer.):

   1    2    3    4    5   6         7    8   9   10  11  12      13 14  15  16       17 18 19  20 21  22      +23

Education (Please fill in all educational degrees obtained):
High School diploma/GED       Technical/Trade School       Associate Degree       Bachelor Degree
Master's Degree       PhD/Doctorate Degree       MD       JD


Primary Language:

Secondary Language:

Living Situation (Fill in one answer):
House      Condo/Co-op (owned)      Apartment (rented)      Mobile Home     
Retirement Community      Assisted Living      Skilled Nursing Facility      Other

Marital Status (Fill in one answer):
Currently Married      Widowed      Divorced      Separated      Never married     
Living with a Partner

Number of years with current partner or spouse: (drop-down menu) - dem_mar_length

Number of times married: (drop-down menu) - dem_mar_times

How is your partnerís/spouseís health? (Fill in one answer.)

Excellent      Very Good      Good      Fair      Poor     

Employment Status (Fill in all that apply.):
Employed full-time      Employed part-time      Unemployed
Student      Homemaker      Retired
Applying for Disability Benefits      Receiving for Disability Benefits


Are you a Veteran of the Armed Forces? (Fill in one answer):    No       Yes

Please indicate which branch of the Armed Forces (Fill in one answer):
Air Force      Army      Coast Guard      Marines      National Guard     

Are you right or left hand dominant?
Don't know           Right           Left           Both/Ambidextrous


Last update:  10/16/2018