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Barnes Akathisia Rating Scale                                                  

1. Objective                  

    0 = normal, occasional fidgety movements of limbs         

    1= presence of characteristic restless movements: shuffling or tramping movements of the legs/feet or swinging                 of one leg while sitting, and/or rocking from foot to foot or "walking on the spot" when standing. but                     movements present for less than half the time observed.              

     2= observed phenomena, as described in (1) above, which are present for at least half the observation                  period.           

     3 = patient is constantly engaged in characteristic restless movements, and/or has the inability to remain seated                  or standing without walking or pacing during the time observed.

2. Subjective - Awareness of Restlessness

     0 =     absence of inner restlessness     

    1 =       non-specific sense of inner restlessness              

    2 =      patient is aware of an inability to keep the legs still, or a desire to move the legs, and/or complains of inner                      restlessness aggravated specifically by being required to stand still.            

     3=      awareness of an intense compulsion to move most of the time and/or reports a strong desire to walk or                      pace most of the time.

3.Subjective - Distress related  to restlessness  

     0 =      no distress         

     1=       mild              

     2 =      moderate            

     3=      severe

4. Global Clinical Assessment of Akathisia

     0=     Absent. No evidence of awareness of restlessness. Observation of characteristic movements of akathisia                     in the absence of a subjective report of inner restlessness or compulsive desire to move the legs should                     be classified as pseudoakathisia.           

    1 =      Questionable. Non-specific inner tension and fidgety movements.            

     2=     Mild akathisia. Awareness of restlessness in the legs and/or inner restlessness worse when required to                     stand still. Fidgety movements present, but characteristic restless movements of akathisia not necessarily                     observed. Condition causes little or no distress.              

    3 =     Moderate akathisia. Awareness of restlessness as described for mild akathisia above, combined with                     characteristic restless movements such as rocking from foot to foot when standing. Pt. finds the condition                     distressing.        

     4 =     Marked akathisia. Subjective experience of restlessness includes a compulsive desire to walk or pace.                      However, the pt. is able to remain seated for at least 5 minutes. The condition is obviously distressing.     

    5 =     Severe akathisia. Pt. reports a strong compulsion to pace up and down most of the time. Unable to sit or lie                     down for more than a few minutes. Constant restlessness which is associated with intense distress and                     insomnia.