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AFA Memory Screening Slides, 2021

Transcript of AFA presentation to AFA Medical, Scientific and Memory Screening Advisory Board, September 10, 2021

N4A Conf Slides, 2014

The Alzheimer's Foundation of America (AFA) provides a

National Memory Screening Program.

The National Memory Screening Program provides free, confidential memory screenings throughout the country on an ongoing basis.

The AFA also provides an ON-LINE SCREENING TEST, provided by MemTrax.

The AFA MemTrax screening test can only be taken once
(it uses only a single picture set).

For repeat tests and to follow performance over time, visit: MemTrax.

If the in-person or on-line screening test results lead to a recommendation for further assessment, this site provides clinically useful scales for assessing mild neurocognitive impairment associated with such clinical conditions as Alzheimer's disease, vascular dementia, fronto-temporal dementia, etc., that can be used for screening, initial assessment, or follow-up for either natural course or potential modifification by interventions.

The scales below were derived from the Global Assessment of Dementia forms published here:
Ashford JW, Kumar V, Barringer M, Becker M, Bice J, Ryan N, Vicari S.
Assessing Alzheimer severity with a global clinical scale.
Int Psychogeriatr. 1992 Summer;4(1):55-74.

These scales are similar to numerous other widely published and validated scales.

For discussion, see this PowerPoint slide set

These forms were last reviewed or updated 8/29/2021

Activities of Daily Living scale - combines Lawton and basic, updated 2021

Brief Neurocognitive Assessment. Updated from Brief Alzheimer Screen (BAS)

DSM-5 Neurocognitive Inventory. Update of 1992 form, references other studies

The MemTrax Continuous Recognition Test.

See here for some examples and publications.

Please note that the MemTrax test at: is not complete and does not provide novel pictures or available analyses.

These tests need to be integrated with other clinical information for diagnostic interpretation.

For additional tests, including mood and behavior evaluations, see this link.

For the Brain Health Self Assessment scale, see this link.


The information and links below were from National Memory Screening Day - 2013

Voluntary Participant Survey
- This form is for participants to fill out on a computer connected to the internet.
- When question 20 is completed, the screener needs to finish and submit.
- Voluntary Participant Survey - paper form (PDF)

AFA-Memory Screening Composite Test - US
- This test is a composite of tests, with two memory checks, including the Brief Alzheimer Screen (BAS) and the Memory Impairment Screen (MIS - Buschke).
- Requires about 5 minutes to complete.

AFA-Memory Screening Composite Test - UK
- This test is a composite of tests in the British tradition, with memory for a name and address and a clock drawing test.
- Requires about 7 minutes to complete.

A computerized, on-line test is also available.
- This test is specifically for National Memory Screening Day.
- The test is for the test administrator to provide "face-to-face".
- To store data, the test administrator should register the participant as
        "Participant ID"@"Site ID".AFA
- The test administrator should select a password and not share it with participant. - Note that the administrator may re-administer the test.

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