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ALZHEIMER  CLINICAL EVALUATION  FORMS  AVAILABLE to download, complete, print. These forms are provided in various states of utility.
There are potential copyright issues with all such forms,
but many have been widely used without regard to intellectual property concerns.

Click here for forms developed for the Alzheimer's Foundation of America to evaluate cognitive and functional domains associated with the cognitive impairment of Alzheimer's disease.

Additional issues are mood, behavioral problems, and personaltiy changes.


        Geriatric Depression Depression Scale
        Hamilton Depression Rating Scale - 24 item version - HDRS-24
        Depression and Mood Assessment Scale - DMAS
(Use caution with the PHQ-9 because of the direct query of suicidal ideation in item 9.


        Neuropsychiatric Inventory - Nursing Home - NPINH
        Cohen-Mansfied Agitation Index - CMAI
        Brief Psychiatric Rating Scale - BPRS
        Rating Scale for Aggressive Behavior in the Elderly - RAGE

Scales for other neurodegenerative, neuropsychiatric, somatic conditions:


        Unified Parkinson's Disease Rating Scale - UPDRS
        Simpson-Angus Movement Scale - SAMS
        Barnes Akathisia Rating Scale - Barnes

    PAIN SCALES      

        PainInventory-21 - by Ashford, Perlow, Wentt, for pain reported by Veterans
        Brief Pain Inventory (BPI)
        Defense and Veterans Pain Rating Scale
        See this link for descriptions of 8 additional pain scales.
        McGill Pain Questionnaire (MPQ-SF)
                - see here for 2009 paper
        Pain Catastrophizing Scale
        Treatment Outcome of Pain States (TOPS)

VA Common Data Elements - GWI - 2021 - see Pain Section

  The Brief Alzheimer Screen (BAS) is a test that is recommended for primary care practitioners to screen patients over the age of 60 years for possible cognitive impairment.  The MMSEs, as a group of items to be arithmetically summed, is no longer recommended by this site.  One alternative is to complete the form provided here and allow this form to calculate an estimate of the relative number of years into Alzheimer's disease suggested by the performance on the individual items.  The extended version, MMSEx, which provides a broader picture, is recommended for assessment of patients that do not pass the A-Screen.

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