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ALZHEIMER  HYPOTHESIS   (Ashford's Neuroplasticity Hypothesis)
  (last update 3/28/2002)

     This link leads to an explanation of the "Neuroplasticity Hypothesis":   This hypothesis explains that Alzheimer's disease attacks particular brain mechanisms related to the capacity of the neural networks of the brain to learn new information.  The loss of that ability is the central problem in Alzheimer's disease.    Also see:
Neuroplasticity in Alzheimer’s Disease  Bruce Teter & J W Ashford, Journal of Neuroscience Research, 2002 (about 1 meg, WORD doc)

Modeling Alzheimer Progression   (Ashford & Schmitt, 2002 model of progression with respect to time - pdf file)

For several other hypotheses, see the Alzheimer Forum:
see Alzheimer Forum report on the Alzheimer meeting in Stockholm, 7/2002

Other research and links can be found at: (ADEAR) (World Events Forum) (Alzheimer's Association) (American Association of Geriatric Psychiatry)


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