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Links to sites that address Alzheimer's disease

Link to a discussion group on Alzheimer's disease:  (The MemTrax Open Forum)

Link to National Memory Screening Day:
  (The Alzheimer's Foundation of America sponsors National Memory Screening Day -
   a day in November to get a screening test for memory problems)
     (Dr. Ashford is Chair of the Memory Screening Advisory Board)

Links to organizations that address Alzheimer's disease:  (Alzheimer's Foundation of America)  (Alzheimer Forum - discusses research advances) (ADEAR, sponsored by the NIA) (World Event Forum) (Alzheimer's Association) (American Association of Geriatric Psychiatry)   (American Health Assistance Foundation)   (United Kingdom Alzheimer's Disease International)  (Long Island Alzheimer Foundation)  (John Douglas French Alzheimer's Foundation)
  (a personal note, Dr. French, my first adviser at UCLA,  was a famous neurosurgeon and brain researcher and a very generous individual, JWA)

Links related to medications (FDA approved for Alzheiimer's disease):  (Janssen's site supporting galantamine)   (Pfizer/Essai's site supporting donepezil)   (Novartis' site supporting rivastigmine)   (Forest's site supporting memantine) provides critical drug information on the side effects of specific prescription medications
    For seniors, see: provides up-to-date drug information on the side effects of common prescriptions and over-the-counter medications

Links to sites offering Dr. Ashford's Memtrax memory tests:  (MemTrax - clinical computer memory assessment)  (MemTrax Social Network - internet memory games)

The Brief Alzheimer Screen is recommended by Dr. Ashford:

Dr. Ashford considers the APOE genotype to be the most important factor
     associated with causing dementia. This is an important family problem!
See these scientific papers by Dr. Ashford:
     Ashford & Mortimer, 2002
     Ashford, 2004
     Raber, Huang, Ashford, 2004
For sites offering APOE genotyping and genetic testing, consider:
(note, the use of APOE genotyping for Alzheimer diagnosis is patented,
however, this test can be done for determining general and vascular risk.
     Berkeley HeartLab (this is a formal clinical lab)
     23andme (this site is trying to determine family links for many diseases.

Links to other sites offering tests for dementia:  (The General Practitioner assessment of COGnition)  (Cambridge Cognition, Camdex and CANTAB)  (Cognisyst, Inc, see Word Memory Test)   (see Visual Memory Test)   (various psychological tests) (a computer-based neuropsych test)

Links to sites offering assisted living information:  (Home Care Providers)
        (Dr. Ashford recently met with this group in Mountain View, California)  (Assisted Living Directory)  (Assisted Living Facilities)  (Senior Care Providers)

Recommended site offering brain training programs:

Dr. Ashford is the Clinical Editor of the Journal of Alzheimer's Disease

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