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MEDAFILE is a web-site that provides medical information files to individuals and to medical practitioners (physicians and other health care providers).  The focus is Alzheimer's disease.

MEDAFILE MANUAL for ALZHEIMER'S DISEASE - for families, clinicians, and researchers:  This developing manual is dedicated to providing useful information on Alzheimer's disease,  forms for the evaluation of patients with Alzheimer's disease and other types of dementia, diagnostic recommendations, management suggestions, and etiological hypotheses.  

TOP 10 TREATMENTS  for preventing Alzheimer's disease - -
 see the latest version in the Long Island Alzheimer Foundation News Letter

Links to sites that address Alzheimer's disease  (Alzheimer's Foundation of America)  (Alzheimer Forum) (ADEAR, sponsored by the NIA) (Alzheimer's Association)  (United Kingdom Alzheimer's Disease International) (LongIsland Alzheimer Foundation)

Links related to medications (FDA approved for Alzheiimer's disease): (Janssen's site supporting time-released galantamine)  (Pfizer/Essai's site supporting donepezil)  (Novartis' site supporting rivastigmine)  (Forest's site supporting memantine)

For an excellent discussion of other medications, see the Alzheimer Forum

Family history is the most important factor in the cause of Alzheimer's disease. Alzheimer's disease can be attributed mostly to a gene called Apo-lipo-protein E (APOE). The epsilon 4 allele seems to be the major factor causing Alzheimer's disease. It may be prudent to have your retirement planning advisor find out if you have this gene and plan your later years accordingly.
For information on APOE, see: APOE Genotype Onset or APOE Genotype Risk

- for other ways to collect family history, consider "Family Tree Maker"
- also, consider: the U.S. Surgeon General's Family History Initiative

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