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Try the new MemTrax Memory Test - 5/3/2004 - click here!!

If you are ready, go to the BLT/Ashford Memory Test - CLICK HERE
you may "login" as "e-mail address": medafile24,
and the password: filemeda05 set the # of stimuli to 40,
adjust the time, 4 seconds is good for  individuals over 60 y/o.

 -- (click here for instructions)

Try the TAP Test first
Instruction: hit the space bar when you see the word "TAP"

Then try a brief BLT/Ashford Memory Test
Instruction: the first time that you see a picture, look at it,
    but do not hit the space bar
-  when you see a picture a second, third or fourth time,
hit the space bar as quickly as you can
-  read the instructions or peruse the handout for details

Peruse the developing handout

Now you are ready,  go to the BLT/Ashford Memory Test

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